The Choctaw/Trojan Rivalry Continues Friday Night

Gabriel Jackson, Sports Editor

The Dyer County Choctaws and the Dyersburg Trojans face off in Friday night hoops on January 28. This will be the first meeting between the two programs over a decade. So far when the two schools have met the games have been lopsided to say the least. Dyersburg, so far, is narrowly winning the rivalry at 2-1( Football and Girls Soccer), with Lady Choctaw volleyball being the only win for DC.

Traditionally, Dyer County has always had a better basketball program than Dyersburg and when the two would meet the Choctaws usually claimed the victory. However, things are not the way they used to be and the outcome of the night is not so clear cut.

The girls game should not be much of a contest. The Lady Trojans have dealt with some injuries this season and overall a small squad, only running a six or seven girl rotation. The Lady Choctaws have been decent this season and have a much deeper bench. When the Lady Choctaws are at their best they can hang with most good teams so they should be able to take care of business Friday night.

The boys game is a different story, the Dyer County boys have been having an underwhelming season with a record of 5-9, while Dyersburg’s boys have been having a much more respectable 13-4 record. You do have to mention the level of competition that the two teams have faced. The Choctaws have played much bigger schools near the Memphis area while the Trojans have played much smaller schools.

So, you can not take the teams record at face value. One thing that Dyersburg has over Dyer County is length, their entire starting line-up is over six feet tall. Height is something that the Choctaws have struggled against due to their lack of size. Both teams have struggled mightily at the free throw line. This may be the biggest factor in who wins or loses as the team who hits their free throws is likely the team that will win.

It all comes down to this game Friday night. They will meet one more time in the regular season, but this game will help shape the rest of the district.