Part II: Dyersburg vs. Dyer County


Gabriel Jackson, Sports Editor

The Dyersburg and Dyer County basketball teams meet again Saturday night at The Glove in Dyersburg. The last time the two teams met Dyer County pulled off an upset over the No. 10 ranked Trojans.

The Lady Choctaws took care of business against the Lady Trojans as predicted. The Dyersburg boys were expected to win against Dyer County’s boys, who had been struggling this season.

However, as any sports fan would note, anything could happen in a rivalry game. And this rivalry game lived up to the expectations, staying close all throughout regulation and even going into overtime off a controversial call. In the end the Choctaws came out on top winning their 10th straight game against Dyersburg under head Coach Derrick McCord.

Now all eyes turn to Saturday night where they will meet again for a rematch. Will Dyersburg take revenge or will Dyer County go 11-0?