Best Halloween Movies


Ariana Brandon

There are millions of Halloween movies but only half of them are good enough to get a good scare out of someone. It isn’t always about the scare either, some just simply have an awful storyline. Me being a horror fanatic I have an opinion about the topic and have my list. Personally, any slasher movies would be towards the top, except for the ones made in the 30s of course. My favorite movie franchises/movies would be the Chucky series along with the other popular slashers such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, nightmare on elm street, and scream and Jennifer’s body. Another top favorite of mine would be an oldie but a goodie, jeepers creepers. I feel it is so underrated and so many kids my age haven’t watched it. 

 To me, a horror movie needs 5 things to make it good 1. A plot. 2. Blood and gore. 3. Betrayal. 4. Sadness. 5. Cliffhanger. If a horror movie does not have this, I’ll probably not waste my time watching it again. I guarantee if you go through my list of top horror movies you’d have seen each of those things a million times. I’ve never really had a problem watching scary movies, I never got nightmares or anything after. I could fall asleep until Friday the 13th at 8 years old. But there was one movie for certain that I could never watch until recently without covering my eyes and it affected me. That would be Darkness Falls. It’s a movie about a woman a  very long time ago named Matilda who all the kids in town would go to if they lost their teeth and she would give them money for it, they called her the tooth fairy. One day two boys went missing and she was blamed because the parents did not trust her and accused her of witchcraft. She was convicted and burned to death on the stake in the center of town. The two boys later found out they had just lost their way back home. Everyone realized they had wrongly accused Matilda, but couldn’t do anything about it. She’ll get it when you lose your last baby tooth. Just don’t look at her or you’ll regret it. She wears a glass mask to hide her face and the tiniest ounce of light burns her. The new story begins with the main character and his story of him losing a tooth.

Now some of the WORST scary movies I’ve ever seen would have to be Texas chainsaw massacre 2 and 3. To me, they just weren’t the best out of the entire franchise. There’s one movie I just bought recently to rewatch because id seen it so long ago, and I was so disappointed with how stupid and underwhelming it was. It would be Jack the reaper. Not only was the acting just all-around bad but it had no amusing parts to it and the characters were just stupid and you could see everything coming.

I also like supernatural movies like the conjuring, a quiet place, sinister, the nun, and Annabelle thing like that. Personally, my favorite Annabelle movie would be Annabelle comes home. While supernaturals are a fan favorite true crime could also be considered under the horror category and is just as interesting. Some of the true-crime movies I’ve seen such as my friend Dahmer & Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (2019) are some of the best.

There is one new scary movie I could put on the top list. The black phone does include a small amount of blood and gore, very good acting, betrayal, an amazing plot, and a few jumpscares. I wouldn’t consider it a horror movie but it’s a little creepy and sad. And not all Halloween movies are scary. There are so many good Halloween movies such as hocus pocus, Halloween town, the Adams family, Beetlejuice, ghostbusters, Carrie, Edward scissor hands, and the craft. All amazing movies with great acting deserve so much credit. And after this entire run thought I have compiled a list of MY top 4 Halloween movies based on their kind.


Best supernatural movie: Annabelle comes home

Best Slasher movie: Bride of Chucky

Best Halloween movie: Corpse bride

Best thriller: Jennifer’s body