Abortion Rights


Ariana Brandon

Abortion is typically a very controversial subject, especially with teens in my age group. I think it is a good topic to talk about when it comes to opinions and current events, which is what my podcast is about. I’ll try to make this less of an opinionated article, and more so a statistic. But of course, it will have a little bit of my input into it.

I’ll go ahead and get my viewpoint out of the way. I believe abortion should be legal for many reasons. Number one, it is a woman’s right, as a human being, to have complete control over her own body. Number two, there are some cases where I believe it is a bit cruel once the fetus reaches a certain period. Yet at the same time, it is not my body nor my child so I should have no say whatsoever in what another woman does with an UNBORN fetus. Number three, I believe life does not start until birth and that inside, up until a certain point the baby does not feel anything for the most part nor do they know what is going on. Number four, not everyone can afford to give birth to a child, let alone raise one for 18 years. If the government wants to force women to give birth to children they can’t provide for, or simply just aren’t ready for, then they should fix the broken foster care systems. And as I do understand the point others have when it comes to the point of contraception and birth control, not everyone can afford birth control, and contraception isn’t 100% effective. And of course, there’s also the “dont have sex” quote. It is no one’s business but your own what you do with your body, and if a person wants to share themselves with another person then that is okay.

Now to the more statistical side of things. About 60% of the U.S population disagrees with abortion. My question to them is, what are they going to do when more women start dying because they physically cannot handle having a child and their doctor will go to prison for removing it? Or when women start illegally getting unsafe abortions to avoid birth and punishment.

As you can see from the photo off to the side,

the percentage of women who get abortions after 10 weeks rapidly decreases. Most abortions occur within the first 8 weeks of finding out. For obvious reasons. When it comes to abortion most women do it for health reasons or the well-being of the child. As a woman, we would never want to bring another life into the world knowing it wouldn’t be either taken care of or loved. 52% of men voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. And while men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies. 42% of men urge their partners to get abortions while 31% do not advise at all. The small 27% are men against abortion. The moral of the story is, Men usually try to have a lot to say when it comes to what a woman can do with her body when there are 18.4 million children in the world with an absent father. If anything no one, not even a group of males should be able to determine if a woman decides not to have a child.