Psychological Thrillers


Brooklynn Barbee and Aden Cole

Everyone has different tastes, but whether you can handle scary or not, I think we can all agree that psychological thrillers are very interesting. There are many titles under the psychological thrillers category, for readers and movie watches. So today we are gonna talk about some of the best psychological thriller books and movies we ourselves have read and watched.

For our movie watchers, we picked Hush, Midsommar, The Strangers, and Before I Wake. Hush is a movie that you can find on Netflix, it follows an author as she navigates life living independently while also being deaf. The movie is eerily silent as we see many perspectives our main character doesn’t, making watching distressingly suspenseful. Midsommar, which can be found on Amazon Prime, follows a young woman going through a really hard time due to an unfortunate accident involving her family. In an attempt to make her feel better, her boyfriend offers to bring her along on a trip he and his friends are going on. She accepts and we watch as she and the rest of the group experience an unexpectedly gruesome Summer Solstice Festival. The Strangers is a series of movies you can watch on Netflix. The three movie saga follows multiple different people and families as they experience the frightening torment of a group of masked killers who appear when least expected. Before I Wake, also found on Netflix, follows a young couple looking to foster a young boy. Little do they know that with this young boy comes much more than just enforcing bedtime rules. The little boy has problems sleeping, because of the nightmares he has, which turn out to be much more real than just bad dreams. These movies we’re all 10/10s for us and will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat or hiding behind your hands. 

For book readers like me, I picked Gone Girl, Then She Was Gone, Sharp Objects, and The Obsession. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, follows the two POVs of a husband and wife. Let’s just say they do not have a normal husband/wife relationship. As you read, you follow a page turning story that leaves you constantly asking questions. As the husband battles with what he believes at first is the disappearance of his wife, by the end of this story you will be completely shocked. Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell is the story of a grieving mother trying to overcome the disappearance of her teenage daughter. As the mother uncovers multiple hidden details in very unexpected places, this story has multiple plot twists and is one of my absolute must read recommendations. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn follows a Journalist in a big city who gets asked by her boss to go cover a story taking place in her hometown. She begrudgingly agrees and ends up staying with her mother, step-father, and step-sister for the duration of her work. A lot more than just working goes down, and we watch an unsettling story unfold about the town, the family, and the story she is reporting on. Obsession by Jesse Sutanto is the story of a teenage boy returning to school after being out for a while due to a traumatic accident. We see the story through his first person POV as we get to hear all his thoughts and see all his actions, both getting slowly more disturbing after meeting the new girl student at his school. All these books I loved reading and definitely kept me entertained and wanting to read more.