“The Missing Woman”- 3rd Place


Malaya Bush, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

     It was a month before Halloween, when my family moved me to a new town. The town had some really weird history that no one likes to talk about, such as murders and disappearances. Mainly disappearances, but people question them as murders. Before we moved here my family didn’t know about the strange history. When moving into our house, we noticed some strange things around our house. The windows were boarded shut, jail cells like bars were on the outside, every door had a padlock on it. Things were just out of the ordinary. 

     A few weeks later, I started at a new school. Everyone looked at me weird, but I didn’t know why. After a few days, things began to get really weird. I noticed things going missing around the house or getting moved to a different place. People at school started talking about my home and how scary things happened there. I was so confused. Was someone playing a joke on me? I would continue my days like nothing’s bothering me, but really I was beginning to worry. I would ask my mom about everything, but she would say not to worry about it or she would change the subject. That’s when I realized… my family knew something I didn’t. 

     I begged my mom and people at school to tell me, but no one would. Till one day when walking home from school, a voice called out to me, stating he needed to talk. He was going to tell me about my home. He began telling me about my home and it was a very traumatizing story. There was a woman who lived in the house with her husband. She went out with her friends to a party. Her and her husband were into it and getting ready to file a divorce. As she was away at the party, her husband found out she was cheating on him and that made him very angry. He was extremely bipolar and didn’t handle the situation well.

     The woman also found out something about her husband. While she had been cheating, so has he. It didn’t bother her though. That was until she went home from the party and the screaming began. Many neighbors heard it, but it was normal for a couple going through a divorce. They heard banging, screaming, terrifying noises. Nothing out of the ordinary to anyone else. For the next few weeks, no one had seen or heard from the woman. They did notice the boards getting put on windows and padlocks being bought, but people thought it was just for security measures. Things began to get even worse. 

     It was October 29, 2010, people were out buying costumes for halloween and that’s when things began to come to life. The woman had finally been seen again. Through the only window with no boards. Late that night, the neighbors heard more screaming and even louder scream than before. Shattering glass, and the sound of a saw later on was heard. The next day, a couple of kids were taking in the views at The Cross. As they went close to the edge of the grass they seen something that looked like a dead gruesome body… it was parts of a woman. They called the cops and they began an investigation. Later on that day, the cops got another call of a dismembered woman in the Meacham Cemetary.

     Everyone began to question and no one has even seen the woman from before. She had disappeared. Was she the now dead woman? The police kept the investigation a secret until present day 2022. They finally had someone come forward. The woman’s own husband has killed her due to her cheating.