Apple Crash Detection


Clark French

On September 7, 2022, Apple released the new iPhones and Apple Watches equipped with a new feature called “Crash Detection.” This feature has said that it will detect a car crash by using an improved 3-axis gyroscope and a new g-force accelerometer and uses the microphone to detect a car crash. It will ask you if you’re OK, then if you don’t respond, it will call emergency services to alert them of your location and that you’re not responding. This is a great feature to have for teenagers or anyone that drives so you stay safer on the road. 

But lately, emergency dispatchers have had numerous calls from amusement parks saying that someone had been in a car crash. This is because the high impact and g-forces, and the sounds have triggered the Crash Detection on user’s Apple Watches and iPhones, causing them to call emergency services when the person is not hurt, but enjoying a roller coaster. This is really a problem because it is taking time out of when emergency services could actually be helping somebody that is hurt instead of going to the nearest Six Flags to respond to a call that was made by a piece of technology. 

So what is Apple going to do about this? No one really knows, but Apple is trying to fix this problem. They may try to turn the feature off if you are within an amusement park, but what happens when you really get into a car wreck beside Disney World and someone’s hurt, but your phone doesn’t call because you are near an amusement park. So users are really depending on Apple to fix this problem, it’s just a matter of waiting to see what Apple comes up with.