Addiction to Tobacco and Nicotine

Makayla Bell

With research, 85% of people who smoke or do Tabacco are addicted. Cigarettes are the main cause of this addiction and have been addictive for 8,000 years. The leading cause of more than 400,000 deaths a year has been smokers. Inhaling the smoke attacks ur airway and your alveoli, the two small air sacks in your body, and you soon develop lung cancer. Many people may believe that they will not obtain cancer but don’t fully understand how once a day can affect you. With smoking once a day there’s a higher chance of a stroke and even heart disease. It may be hard to overcome an addiction given the name but once you have, the benefits from quitting will soon show. When deciding to quit there are many other options to resort to that won’t affect ur lungs or body. The main option and most useful for any person is medication and daily therapy.  

In today’s society mainly teens and pre-teens are the main addicts of this drug. The feeling of nicotine for people is stated as relaxation and a temporary “well-being” feeling. The way nicotine gets to ur brain is through the bloodstream and leaves you feeling pleasurable sensations. Getting addicted to this drug is very common with how many devices are out in 2022. There are an estimated 460 different brands currently on market. Even with 5. mg of nicotine you can develop a severe addiction just by that. Just like tobacco medication and daily therapy are the most recommended resources to quit nicotine.