What happened to the Balloon sighted over South America?


Business Insider

Very similar to the balloon spotted over Montana.

Matthew Fox

On febuary 4th, 2023. Air defense radars in the United states picked up the returns from a balloon operating in American airspace, specifically over montana. The object in question was determined to be an intelligence gathering balloon belonging to the Chinese airforce. Although this object would garner much attention, both in American and international media. It would be intercepted an F-22 fighter roughly 3 days later.


However, what was left out in this fiasco was the sighting of a similar object over South America. The object in question flew over Costa rica and Nicaragua at an altitude of roughly 55,000 feet. Simiarly to the American balloon incident, it was tracked by the Costa Rican air defenses until it left the airspace. 


It entered into the northern part of the country at a speed of about 55 knots (about 65 mph), and was believed by both American and Costa Rican intelligence to be an intel gathering balloon. Colombian officials were particularly concerned about military instillations in this region.


There’s a fair amount of intellgence to be gathered by a craft such as this. In fact, it passed over a naval base in Cartagena. Where much of the Colombian navy is stationed, including their submarine fleet. It also passed over an airbase which was home to some reconissance and survallience aircraft. Lastly, it passed over Santa barbra, where much of the Colombian artillery and armoured forces are garrisoned.


The Chinese government, however, claims that these objects are of civillian nature, with primarily scientific purposes. The president of Costa Rica spoke with the Chinese, stating that “We have expressed our concern to the Chinese government and we hope that it will not happen again.”