Orlando Journalist Killed On The Job.


Bradley Akin, Journalist

Dylan Lyons, a Florida Journalist who works for Spectrum News 13, was recently shot and killed in Orlando while reporting on an earlier shooting. The suspect happened to return to the crime scene as Dylan Lyon and his crew were working on the scene. Dylan was accompanied by another Spectrum news employee, Jesse Walden. At the scene, Jesse Walden was also shot and critically injured but survived. The alleged killer, Keith Melvin Moses, left that scene after shooting the two reporters and went on to walk to a nearby home and shoot a woman and her 9-year-old daughter, who also died. Police announced later Wednesday that they had detained the suspect, who they say was an acquaintance of the first victim but does not appear to have connections to the others. 

Walden went on to say after the incident that he was very close to Lyons and that Lyon loved his job and loved being a reporter. Walden said, “You know Dylan was a reporter I worked with every day, we were best friends.” Spectrum News gave a brief statement on the incident, claiming “We are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague and the other lives senselessly taken today, our thoughts are with our employee’s family, friends and co-workers during this very difficult time.” The death of Lyons has saddened and grieved all his coworkers, his family, and the whole news industry as a whole.

Dylan Lyons’s fiance, Casey Lynn, has shared a GoFundMe page through her Twitter set up by Lyons’ family to help cover the costs of his funeral. Many coworkers have paid tribute as well as others that are mourning their loss. Though the GoFundMe has already raised 3,665 out of the 25,000, we hope to see more in the coming weeks. Josh Miller, a spectrum sports 360 reporter, said that Lyons was always serious about his job, connected with the community, reporting on the news, he genuinely just loved what he did.