Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour


McKinley Barron

     Taylor Swift recently kicked off her Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona. The city of Glendale actually changed their name to Swift City for the two days she was there performing. The two shows she performed produced more money than the superbowl. For two nights straight, Swift performed to a sold out 70,000 stadium for over three hours. This is the longest concert performed in history. Swift is predicted to break her records from the Reputation Stadium tour which was five years ago. Due to Covid, her last tour was canceled. This makes this tour even more special for her and her fans.


     This tour is different from any other of hers because she is performing songs from all of her previous albums instead of just focusing on her most recent one. This is why the concert is so long. She focuses on some albums more than others, however she tries to incorporate them all. Taylor Swift concerts are like none other. Being at her concert feels like you are watching a movie. She has so many props, costume changes, and dancers that make it feel so different. Taylor has always been seen as one of the best musical performers in our time.


     To start out the concert, she starts with the Lover album. She sings six songs from this album and moves to her country album Fearless. She wears dresses as she did back then to make it feel like we are going back in time. During all of this, her stage floor shows different images such as a guitar. The stage goes out over half of the length of the football field. This gives everyone a good view. Taylor loves including her fans by giving them bracelets that light up to the beat of the music. This allows her to see everyone. Most artists these days do not do outfit changes, however Taylor does multiple outfit swaps. With around 10 different outfits she really incorporates every album of hers. 


     Taylor Swift will be seen as one of the best performers in our history. The effort that she puts into planning her concerts is incredible. Believe it or not, after Taylor finishes a certain song, the floor opens up and she dives into it like a pool. The stage then shows an image of her “swimming” to the front of the stage. This shows the detail that goes into this show. 


     In conclusion, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour will go down in history as one of the best tours. Taylor is able to put on a show for over three hours. Some people may assume that all Taylor does is sing. This is in fact not the case. She acts out every song and dances with all of the background dancers. With only two shows down, there will be plenty of surprises she has up her sleeve. Going to this concert will really show people how much she loves what she does. She has the pop music industry in the palm of her hand. The Eras Tour will be one to remember.