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Brief Outlook: Berlin Germany

Brief Outlook: Berlin Germany

Known for its leadership roles in science, the humanities, music, museums, higher education, government, diplomacy, and military affairs, Berlin is also the capital of Germany. Berlin’s nights are one of the most diverse and vibrant cities. According to a resident of Berlin, “I love how it’s the most eclectic city in dare I say it- all of Europe. I have yet to visit another city like it.” This describes the uniqueness Berlin brings to its residents. The city buildings are historically preserved and modern allowing no two buildings to be the same. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many historic buildings rest throughout the city. Here is one historic place you should visit in Berlin, Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is located at Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin Germany. The Brandenburg Gate stands 20 meters (66 ft) high and 65 meters wide. The gate was built in the late 1990s by Josef Kleihues to replace the pavilions destroyed during World War II. To be specific the gate was opened on August 6th, 1791, and was originally called the “Peace Gate”. However, this didn’t stick long. The Brandenburg Gate had survived World War II, however, it had holes punched into the columns and the horse’s head. The original horse’s head is located in the Markisches Museum. The gate was closed in 1961 however it soon reopened in 1989, only three decades later. 

Known as the Berliner schnauze, their attitude is characterized as being outspoken or lacking politeness. The locals are frank and nonchalant in demeanor. According to, Berlin has a unique deep level for their people/culture meaning the city is such a racially and religiously diverse place. Therefore, you’ll be overwhelmed with the large feeling of acceptance and being able to look or dress how you’d like. If Berlin was compared to a city in America it would be New York City. This is because Berlin is progressive, open-minded, diverse, and historic. As of 2023, the population of Berlin was 3,574,000 which is a 0.08% increase from 2022. Hince represents the widespread diversity throughout the city of Berlin. Revealing Berlin’s diversity, maybe you can choose Berlin as your next travel destination. 



Here are foreign-born populations in Berlin:

Turkey: 101,000 (the largest Turkish community outside Turkey)

Poland: 47,000

Italy: 20,000

Serbia: 19,000

Russia: 17,500

Bulgaria: 16,000

France: 15,000

United States: 14,500

Vietnam: 14,000

United Kingdom: 11,500

Spain: 11,500

Greece: 11,000

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 10,500

Austria: 10,000

Croatia: 10,000

Romania: 9,000

Ukraine: 9,000


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