A Message to Freshman Me

A Message to Freshman Me

Hannah Barham

Dear 2018 Hannah –


What are you doing? Seriously, what are you doing? Number one, cutting your hair was a giant mistake, please don’t do that. You look like a rat. You’re a literal rat. Also, lose the fits every day. Flannel with graphic tees is not a good look on you, sweetie. 

But joining the drama club was a great decision! And probably the only good choice you’ll ever make freshman year. Seriously, drama club is not a mistake. It may seem like it now, but you’ll go on to do great things in that club. One thing I do wanna say to you is that relationships are really pointless freshman year. You honestly look like an idiot chasing down that same girl. Also spoiler alert, you’re not gay. Well, kind of. 4 years from then, you come out as demiromantic and asexual, so that’s pretty nice. That’s your freshman year, Hannah, that’s just getting your feet wet into what to expect for the next four years of your life. 

One thing I want to say to you. Spend time with your great grandfather. A lot of time. He passed away on October 13th, 2021, and it will tear you up. So I’m just gonna tell you now, spend time with him, please. 

Don’t give up, kiddo. You’re young and dumb, but you get better as time go by. You grow up, you realize things, you let things go, but guess what? That’s all about getting older. Things change, it’s inevitable. You may think that high school is a drag and it’s going to go for so long, but the minute you wear your cap and gown for the first time, you’ll realize that time flew by, and you’ll want to go back to being a kid. But that’s not how life works is it? Don’t give up, never stop working hard, but also take care of yourself, that’s extremely important. But you’re gonna do really really great things when you get older. Trust and believe that.





2022 Graduate Hannah