“Salem’s Daughter”: A Haunting Success


Hannah Barham

DCHS Drama Club performed Salem’s Daughter on March 25th, 26th, and 27th. The play was rehearsed for two months, and directed by Hannah Barham (me). The play was the first ever student directed production, and the play faced massive success. Families, students, teachers, and administration came to see it. The play stars Sarah Boone, Eliza Heinrich, Meagan Larson, Kate Ebelhar, Hailey Morgan, Macy Clayton, Chris Butler, Emily DeLashment, Andrew Griffith, and Skyler Phillips, with the special thanks of Mrs. Reachel Hudgins and Ms. Hilary Norrid.

The play details a group of teenagers having a party to celebrate their birthdays before they graduate, and they invite a new girl named Sarah Brooks, acting like they are all her friends (except for Jennifer, who is actually Sarah’s friend.) The other girls give Sarah something called an “initiation punch”, which is filled with coconut oil, castor oil, and tabasco. Sarah chokes, and she dies right on the floor. The friends panic, before the main lead girl, Heather, decides to drag Sarah’s body and dump her in a well in the backyard. Eight years later, the friends come back for a reunion. When they are reminiscing about the past, a detective comes and explains that there is a ghost wandering around the property. 

The play was a different approach to what the drama club has done previously. Their previous plays were light hearted and funny, while this play was much much heavier, describing heavy topics such as depression and s*icide. Despite this, it was very well received and the entire community loved it. 

I honestly didn’t expect how well it went. The cast was phenomenal, the audience loved it, it was a perfect three nights. There is so much love within the cast and the crew, and whenever we’re all together it’s like we’re unstoppable. We have worked hours and hours of practicing the same scene over and over again, and struggling to remember a plethora of short choppy lines. 

This was the final production of the 2021-2022 school year, thus concluding the seniors’ theater careers. The seniors are all very saddened to leave the DCHS Drama Club behind, but they know they are leaving the club in good hands. Officer elections are coming up, along with the Thespian Banquet and Awards Ceremony.