Travel With Tribal Media _ Where in the World are the Choctaws going on Fall Break?

Addison Colvin

Fall break is a time to get away from school and seize the one moment you can escape all stress.  We know that some of you might be planning to do exactly this right here at home, but for others we know you have the ultimate vacation planned. Choctaw’s travel far and wide, so Tribal Media wants to join with you on this journey. We are doing this by letting you upload your pictures onto our Facebook page. All it takes is going to and clicking the Facebook icon located in the upper left hand corner. Tag our page in your pictures and our tribe can’t wait to see where you are in the world this week.

To be featured DC Tribal Media after fall break, post your pictures to Facebook and tag DC Tribal Media or email them to [email protected]. Enjoy your break and send us your vacation selfies!