Is Fortnite Hurting Relationships?

Is Fortnite Hurting Relationships?

Christian Tucker, Writer

Fortnite Battle Royale. Everyone knows the name, and everyone knows the game. Most people have played this game before, even some elementary kids. But, there is one important question that many men and women have asked time and time again: “Do they care more about the game than me?” And this could be a problem, as this game could be winning the hearts of these people, but it could be stealing it from the ones that can love them back.

To start, if you somehow do not know what Fortnite is, let me elaborate on the game. The game starts as a flying bus follows a path over an island. People then drop from the bus to fly over and parachute to certain locations to find “loot,” which is usually health packs or weapons of some sort. Then, as time in the game increases, the safe area decreases and the players are put in a tighter play area, eventually leading them to fight each other to the death. The last person winning wins a “Victory Royale,” adding it to the ever-growing list of their wins to show off to friends. This addiction of trying to have more wins than others has led to a small addiction, which could come at a price.

Many a time, the gamer in the relationship tends to play the game more, ignoring the important responsibilities shared and shown to their partners such as attention, cleaning and physical affection. They tend to zone out for hours, binging this game with little amounts of communication or food, and don’t realize what happened until they are out of this trance. This leads to problems in the relationship with the other lover, making them feel unimportant and unwanted. This rift could eventually lead to more problems and even an eventual split.

A source (who wishes to be anonymous) answered a couple of questions for me on this subject. 

Me- Have video games created any problems in your relationship?

Anon. Female- Yes, at some point.

M- Has it made you upset at all?

A.F- Kind of, yes.

M- Do you think it could get better?

A.F.- I hope so.

So from these results and other conversation, I realized that some people pass not just Fortnite, but video games as a whole over relationships. Not realizing the pressing problem of no attention to their significant other, the other person is hurt by this, making them feel bad and like a bad relational partner. Guys and girls, please pay attention to your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. They matter a lot more than one or two more wins of a video game. The game is forever, and they are not.


Is Fortnite Hurting Relationships?


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