Murder´s In The Heir

Brooke Wilson, Fine Arts Editor

Last week, our own DCHS Drama Club put on the production of ¨Murder´s In The Heir¨. The production ran from Thursday, October 24th, till Saturday, October 26th, and was directed by Mrs. Hudgins and Ms. Norrid.

The cast was composed of 14 of DCHS´s Drama Club members! The cast was as follows; Douglas Nichols as Mike, Hayden Walker as Rufus, Caleb Grow as Bensonhurst, Ethan Gaddey as Elderly Simon, Aaron Boone as Jordan, Ethan Gaddey as Young Simon, Tyler Nelson as Gene, Eliza Heinrich as Fiona, Hailey Morgan as Paula, Gracie Richards as Mrs. Trent, Felicity Lindberg as Minerva, Meagan Larson as Nancy, Lily Wilson as Lois, Madalyn Kitchens as Miss Withers, and Dalia Solis as Kathy Collins.

I thoroughly enjoyed this production put on by the Drama Club, which was no surprise, they never fail to put on a great show! The diverse personalities helped to keep the night interesting, especially Rufus. While there were some… off moments… overall it was an enjoyable experience! I had intentions of going a second night to see who got pinned for the murder of Simon, but sadly I was only able to attend on opening night. While I can´t speak for every audience member, I can safely say I enjoyed watching the DCHS Drama Club´s production of ¨Murder´s In The Heir¨.