J.F.K Assassination Conspiracy Theories

Mia Townsend, Sports Editor

On November 22nd, 1963, one of our most famous presidents, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as J.F.K, was assassinated

whilst riding a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. He was assassinated by former U.S Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald. Or was he?

 45 minutes after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Oswald shot Dallas Police officer J.D. Tippit and fled into a movie theater. Police officers then arrested Lee Harvey at the theaters for the murder of J.D. Tippit and later charged him with the assassination of J.F.K. Oswald was then shot by Jack Ruby. But why? Why would Jack Ruby shoot the only person who could have known about the assassination of J.F.K. Unless he was hiding the actual truth? 

 Many people have come up with many conspiracy theories about the assassination. Some reasonable conspiracies theories are that the Umbrella Man killed him, there was a second shooter, and some even think the CIA killed him. The question is, who killed him? ‘Till this day, no one knows what happened. 

 The first reasonable conspiracy theory is that the Umbrella Man killed him. There are many different theories on the umbrella man stating that he had some kind of part to play in the assassination. Louie Steven Witt was seen standing close to the parade with a black umbrella. When the president passed, he rose his umbrella at the time Kennedy was shot. No one else did anything like that because he was the only one with an umbrella since it wasn’t raining. Sure it’d make sense if it were raining, but it wasn’t. It was a bright and sunny day in Dallas. So, why the umbrella? Some people think that he shot a dart through his umbrella. If you read the site, https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/TUM.html, it explains how the dart was shot. Believe it or not, it’s not as silly as it sounds. “The system is based on launching devices of various types, used to launch a self-propelled, rocket-like dart, or flechette. The flechette can carry either a paralyzing or fatal poison.” That said, this theory could be possible, even if it does sound a little silly. 

Another theory that involves the Umbrella Man is that he was a signal and/or marker for Lee Harvey Oswald. This isn’t saying that he killed him, but this theory does say that Louie Steven Witt was involved with the killing. The only reasoning for this is that he was the only one with an umbrella when it wasn’t raining, and he rose it up by the time J.F.K passed him and had gotten shot. Maybe one of these theories about Witt is right, or maybe he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time with a suspicious and noticeable umbrella. 

The second theory, one that doesn’t involve the Umbrella Man, is that there was a second shooter. The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby acted alone in their shootings. Maybe this is true, but many believe that there had to be a second shooter that no one knew about. The Select Committee on Assassinations from the House of Representatives re-investigated the J.F.K. assassination as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. Association in 1976. They came up with the idea that there could have been a second shooter at the Grassy Knoll. The Grassy Knoll is a hill that overlooks where Keneddy was Assassinated. Once they came up with this idea, another Committee, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Ballistic Acoustics examined the evidence in 1982. They determined that the evidence did not support the Committee Assassination’s theory. Though this theory has been proven wrong, many still believe in this theory. 

The last theory, which many people believe, is that the CIA/Government did it. There are many reasons as to why the CIA would want to do it or did it. The CIA thought that they were going to be disbanded by President Kennedy because he was fed up with their shenanigans. One big thing that Kennedy was very tired of was the fact that they were trying to kill the Cuban leader, Castro. Because of this, they could have ordered his assassination. They could even cover their tracks because the former head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, was a part of the Warren Commission. Note that the Warren Commission was the one who stated that Oswald and Jack Ruby acted alone in their assassinations. So maybe the CIA isn’t as good as covering their tracks as they thought they were. There is even more evidence that the CIA did it regarding Oswald

. Maybe the CIA did do it, or maybe it was just another coincidence. Who knows.

At least one of these has to be a reasonable explanation for the assassination. Maybe they all played a part in the assassination. Like before, who knows. But if it were up to me, the aliens definitely did it.