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    Finishing Your School Year Strong

    Whether you are finishing your first year or your last year of high school, the end of the school year is always the most difficult. Students contract “summer fever” as the end of the year approaches and begin to slack off and lose interest in school work. It is very important to finish the school year strong, so we have put together a list of 10 ways to finish the school year strong.

    1. Set Goals

    Setting goals for yourself both personally and academically will help you stay on track. Whether your goal is to get straight A’s or pass your AP tests, make your own goals and try your best to achieve them.

    2. Stay Organized

    Staying organized will prevent you from losing or forgetting about assignments. Keep track of your assignments and test dates in a calendar to stay organized and prepared for upcoming final projects and tests.

    3. Don’t put off responsibilities

    Slacking and procrastinating are just ways of putting off responsibilities. Putting off school-related responsibilities will leave you scrambling and stressed at the last minute. Do what you need to do when you need to do it.

    4. Take a time-out

    Don’t forget about taking time out of your day to regroup and simply have fun! This will help you stay focused. Giving yourself breaks for fun is good for your sanity and attention span.

    5. Adjust your attitude

    What is your attitude right now? Can you not wait for school to end? Simply adjusting your attitude to be more positive can make an incredible difference!

    6. Focus on the finish line

    Visualize your finish line- and your goals- and focus on that. The school year is almost over you can do it!

    Now get back to your school work and finish your school year strong!

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