Top Gifts Not to Get Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Christmas

Aaron Ashlee Carpenter, Social Media Manager

Christmas is coming up and you are trying to get the perfect gift for your partner.  You have seen tons of ads selling nice jewelry, cologne, clothes, and so many other gifts; but what is an absolute no-no when it comes to those gifts? Here is a list of what not to get your loved one this upcoming Christmas.  

*A Gym Membership 

This is a classic “what are you trying to say?” gift.  Unless your loved one has been asking for a gym membership, I don’t think they will react kindly to the idea that you are trying to get them to go to the gym, just saying. 

*Personalized Underwear

Just no.  Who is going to be looking at your undies that needs to know that you are my property, and if people are seeing that then we need to have a more important talk. 

*Deodorant and Other Hygiene Products

This is another “what are you trying to say” gift.  Unless your spouse is asking for these things, you are kind of implying that they may stink.  (This is only for some people, I would like soap)


When I say workbooks I mean dictionaries, atlases, crossword puzzle books, sudoku books, and other puzzle books.  Some people like it and to each their own but I, and a bunch of other people, would not want this gift.  

 Cleaning Supplies 

Some people might really like cleaning supplies, but your spouse, unless they like cleaning supplies, are going to wonder what you’re really trying to say if they were to open them as a gift.




Honestly, if someone gives you a scale you have every right to hand it right back to them.