January Music Review


Christian Tucker, Writer

Album of The Month

Halsey- Manic

Manic, Halsey’s 3rd official album, was released fully on January 17th, 2020. The album is a blend of electropop, hip hop, and alternative rock that got a critical reception of 81 out of 100, which indicates “universal acclaim.” After listening to it myself, I definitely agree. The many songs and guest appearances add to the amazing aesthetic of the album. I recently bought it myself and made sure to listen to it again before giving it a review myself. The many different styles of songs and rapping of Suga, who is an icon in Korean K-Pop, gave many kinds of diversity and chances to listen to it and judge yourself. My favorite two songs from the album are “Graveyard” and “Still Learning.” With her amazing vocals and production of people such as John Bellion, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Timberlake, there is no surprise I picked this as my album of the month.


New Songs of the Month

¿- Bring me the Horizon Ft. Halsey

Starting out with an interesting electronic tune, and turning into dubstep, this song has a constant beat going to keep you on your toes. However, one complaint that I have is that there is almost no singing in this sing for Halsey, making her almost irrelevant. I do, however, like the music, and think you should still listen to it.

Wrong Direction- Hailee Steinfeld

In another amazing song, Hailee talks about an alarming amount of relationship problems, mainly cheating. With constant choir, string and piano melodies, she puts out her emotions about how he led her the wrong way, and how she regrets thinking that it was a good relationship. She belts out in some parts but keeps her voice soft and emotional throughout. In just these four short minutes, she made me believe that she was truly hurt by this someone. 

Demons- Alec Benjamin

In his first release of music in almost two years, Alec puts it back to a bit of a softer style. With a simple guitar riff and synth playing, he talks about many things that go on inside his head after a bad breakup. He doesn’t show off much in the song, but he makes it good to make the music match his singing style. Being less than three minutes long too, it would make a good karaoke song.