Gretel and Hansel: Review


Brooke Wilson, Fine Arts Editor

This past month the new movie ¨Gretel and Hansel¨ hit theaters across the country. This thrilling movie takes a new twist on the classic story of Hansel and Gretel.

The story progression is a little slow at first, but as soon as the story gets going you´ll get hooked! There are so many small foreshadowings and thought-provoking details that make you think. The open ending left me amazed and wanting more. The format makes me think that there will most likely be a sequel to the movie, and I, for one, hope that there is. It kept me hooked from beginning until the very last second.

My friend I sat through the whole movie together on the edge of our seats. We even made some choice comments and shared from surprised faces at the unexpected plot turns.

The witch and Gretel.

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good, unsettling twist on a classic child´s tale. With an interesting plotline, and not to mention, super hot actresses, I can already tell it´s a movie that´s going to be on my top 10 movies of 2020.