Mandela Effect-Who Can We Trust?

Mandela Effect-Who Can We Trust?

Mia Townsend, Sports Editor

Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect? Probably. Well, let me educate you on the weirdest conspiracy theory that could possibly be true. The Mandela Effect is in which a large number of people share a false memory of something. You may be thinking, that could never happen. Well just put your trust in me and hear me out. Do you remember the Monopoly Man? If not, you need to get out from under your rock and get a life. A large number of people clearly remember the Monopoly man to have a monocle, yet he doesn’t. Don’t believe me? Lookup a picture of him having an eyeglass and the other one without. Tell me which one you thought was right. I guarantee you’ll be surprised. But if you don’t remember him having an eyeglass at all, then you belong to the aliens.

You may be wondering where the Mandela Effect came from, or not, but I’ll tell you anyway. The Mandela Effect first came up whenever a reporter named Fiona Broome remembered reporting the death of Nelson Mandella in the 1980s. Nelson Mandella was a social rights activist, politician, and philanthropist in 1994-1999 who became the first black president in South Africa. Though this happened in the 1990s, many people, including Fiona Broome, remembered him dying in prison in the 1980s although he was freed in 1990 and then eventually passed away in 2010. Whenever people realized that he was alive, they began coming up with theories on why people are remembering false memories.

The main theory on what happened with our memories is that a government nuclear project that required research experiments that could have caused our realities to switch around. These theorists believe that we live in a parallel universe. A parallel universe is a  universe that is similar to our original one but is slightly altered in some type of form. An example would be a change in the president. Maybe in another parallel universe, our president is Hilary Clinton. I know, I know, a little extreme, but bear with me people. To determine what universe you were originally in, it would be based on what you remember. Like if you remember “Looney Tunes” being “Looney Toons”, then you could most likely be from a different universe than the one you are currently in. If someone remembers different then don’t trust them. I’m kidding, but they most likely may be from a different universe then you come from. 

Yes, I know what you are thinking; that is the stupidest thing ever. But if you think about it, a majority of the world remembers Pikachu having a black stripe on his tail and Curious George having a tail but apparently, they don’t. Like for real, whoever stole my memories I would like to know who the heck took them. How is it that we believe something that is false? Is the government playing some sick joke? Maybe the government forgot to wipe our memories whenever our realities got alternated.  Whatever happened, I would like to go back to my original universe.

If you have any idea on what the government did with my memories please contact 1-800-GIVE THEM BACK, that would be greatly appreciated. Also if you care to look more into the Mandela Effect because you think I’m lying, I’m not, then Google is a great search engine to use unless you use Yahoo. If so, you do your thing, but I promise, “Berenstain” was actually spelled “Berenstein.”