Times Before and During COVID


Kameron Lamprecht and Gabbie Dew

The year 2020 has taken a toll on people all over the world. So many things have changed since COVID hit. There are many new rules and CDC guidelines to follow. 

Before the Corona virus came about, people could do things more freely. Now people have to wear a mask anywhere they go. To some people, if you’re not wearing a mask in public it is looked at as a sin. Before COVID, the only people who wore masks were healthcare workers. It would have looked strange if someone was seen wearing a random mask in public.

Another big factor of the Corona virus is social distancing. People have to remain six feet apart at all times. That means no parties, family gatherings, hanging out with your friends, or even just going to school events. Before COVID, you could have a homecoming dance, go to grandma’s house, or simply go to school. You could enjoy being around the people you love.

Lastly, if you contract the virus you will be quarantined to your house for two weeks. You are not allowed to leave. Before the virus, if someone was sick they were still allowed to leave their house. Imagine having to quarantine for two weeks because you were around someone who has it. That’s a real thing. It’s not fun. You don’t get to talk or interact with friends and family. Before COVID you have family around you to help take care or you and your friends might even be there to help or to check on you. 

Times before COVID-19 were way different than they are now, during COVID. Things are a lot harder than they used to be. New things and changes are happening every single day.