Deciding On a College


Kameron Lamprecht, Journalist

Do you struggle with deciding what college you want to attend? Finding a college you want to go to can be challenging. There are three main steps to finding a college perfect for you!

When figuring out which school you want to attend, you need to know background information about them school. Research the college(s) you’re thinking about going too. Most colleges have a website with a lot of information about the campus, teachers, and class subjects. Researching this information will help you to know if this college suits you and the needs for your future career. 

Another important step to finding your perfect college is to talk to people that attend or even work at the school you’re considering. Talking to people about it will help you get a better understanding of what the school is going to be like. This also gives you a perspective from someone that attends this school daily. If someone talks negative about it then you’re most likely not going to want to attend that college and vice versa. 

Finally, one of the most important steps to finding a college that suits you is to tour the campus. No one wants to go somewhere that isn’t put together. Most people that tour colleges almost always know which school they want to attend based on simply just looking and experiencing the campus in person. Touring the campus can also help you to talk to those that are on the campus daily!

Finding a college that’s perfect for you can be extremely difficult. By following these steps, finding your dream college will be a breeze!