Better for your Buck

xbox series X or PS5

One of the biggest things that are happening in 2020 with entertainment is the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X. here are some specs about both of them: The Xbox is hooked up with 3.8 GHz custom zen-2 CPU while the PS5 only has a 3.5 GHz which isn’t much of a difference but its still there. The internal storage of the PS5 has 825 gb of storage and the Xbox has 1 TB of storage which is 175 gb more than the PS5. That is all the more important facts besides what games you can play on them, now its time for how big each system is. The PlayStation is 15.7 inches tall and almost 4 inches across, while the Xbox is 10.2 inches tall and 6.3 inches wide which is clunky compared to the PS5 which has more height but way less width. the Xbox comes in at around $500, and the PS5 comes in at $500 as well for the non digital one and $400 with the digital one. Whichever one you choose you will have a good time playing each console with the games that come on them.