Accuracy of Covid-19 Testing

There are many ways of testing for Covid, but are they all accurate?  There have been recent stories in the NFL (National Football League) and NCAAF (National Collegiate Athletic Association Football) that have suggested that many of the positive Covid rapid tests have actually been false positives. Alabama coach Nick Saban tested positive Wednesday, October 17 and was later tested 3 different times, coming back negative each time. Saban stated that he never once felt sick and even coached his team in the game against Georgia the following Saturday. The Colts had four players test positive and then test negative right after. This caused the Colts to close their practice facilities. Rapid tests are growing in use but decreasing in accuracy. It’s not just false positives, there have also been many false negatives which are causing a wider spread of Covid. If you are getting tested, it is recommended that you get the test that gets sent to the labs. Though they are less convenient, they are far more accurate.