Mask Mandate Reinstated- What That Means For Us!


Brooke Wilson, Editor In Chief

Starting Wednesday, October 21st, Mayor Chris Young reinstated a mask mandate for Dyer County. This mandate went into effect at midnight last night and is on track to expire at the end of this year- unless otherwise stated at a later date.

“It’s obvious numbers are skyrocketing so we must react now to avoid further sicknesses and further deaths, potential business closings, and even school closings due to the pandemic,” explained Young. “We must react to this now and we have to be diligent in our efforts to get these numbers down.” This decision was one that many believed needed to be made, but it is still met with opposition on many social media platforms.

The mask mandate was put into place to protect all the citizens of Dyer County as our cases skyrocket, again. Tennessee Department of Health COVID-19 update states Dyer County is reported as having 2,071 total COVID-19 cases, 369 active cases, 1,676 recoveries/inactive, and 26 deaths- This update was released on Wednesday.

Mayor Young is now urging all businesses and public places to follow the mandate and “lead by example” by enforcing the mask mandate.