What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You


Kristen Farley, Photographer

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Reeses – If your favorite Halloween candy is Reeses, then you’re one of the funniest people in your friend group. You tell the funniest jokes, and you’re also the one still laughing 10 minutes later. You’re nice and lots of people seem to like you. As a kid, you probably dressed up as a vampire at least once.

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Milk duds – If Milk Duds are your favorite Halloween candy, you’re probably either over 30 or just REALLY love caramel. Or both! But, that’s not a bad thing! You’re very friendly and a good listener and summer is your favorite season. You think dad jokes are hilarious. 

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Skittles – If Skittles are your favorite Halloween candy, your go-to Halloween candy carrier as a kid was definitely a pumpkin bucket. You also like Starburst, but not as much. You have a very colorful personality and art is probably your favorite subject in school. You’re really into music, whether it be listening to it or making it. You read Warrior Cats books when you were younger.

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Candy corn – If your favorite Halloween candy is candy corn, you’re a carefree spirit. You’re social around people you know, and nice to ones you don’t. You don’t care what people think of your opinions and Halloween is probably one of your favorite holidays. Your favorite Disney show was Good Luck Charlie. If you’re older than a teenager, it was That’s So Raven.

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Kit Kat – If Kit-Kats are your favorite Halloween candy, then you REALLY like chocolate. No, like seriously. You’d probably eat it for every meal of the day if you could. You’re either super introverted or super extroverted, there’s no in between. You’re passionate about the things you love and your friends consider you very trustworthy. You either had a Justin Bieber, One Direction, or Big Time Rush phase; bonus points if it’s all three.

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Starburst –  If your favorite Halloween candy is starburst, your favorite is probably either the red or pink one. The yellow ones either go uneaten or you give them to someone else. You also prefer fruity candy over chocolate. You have plenty of friends, but only a small amount that you’re really close with. If you’re a girl, you most definitely dressed up as a character from Monster High as a kid.

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Fun Dip – If your favorite Halloween candy is Fun Dip, you’re either a little kid or you’re me. You have a unique sense of style and humor. You love to watch movies and hang out with your friends. You do what you love and you don’t care what anyone thinks about it. You also probably play Among Us.