2020 Election Conspiracy Theories?

The 2020 election is one of the biggest elections in history, and with this big of an election comes quite a bit of drama. Several conspiracy theories have been proposed during this election period. A conspiracy proposing that Democrats were going to cheat their way to winning the election has been roaming around for months, but is it just a conspiracy? There have been heavy allegations of voter fraud directed towards Democrat controlled cities. A complete recount of votes has been called for. The National Guard was called to recount ballots in certain states. According to everylegalvote.com, there have been cases of voter fraud detected in Arizona, Georgia. Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virgina, and Wisconsin. As votes have been recounted, the Electoral votes for Biden went from 290 to 214 and the votes for Trump went from 214 to 232. Trump sent out a tweet that stated “Report: Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes…” In this tweet he mentions the states I listed above, calling them out and stating the number of votes they switched to Biden. Voter fraud has been proven in those states, so was it really a conspiracy? The truth behind the conspiracy will be unveiled when all of the votes have been recounted and the election is made final.

Another conspiracy rumored that Democrats wanted Nancy Pelosi appointed as president. Being as she is the speaker of the House, it is only possible for her to claim the presidential title if the current president and vice president cannot serve the 4 year term adequately. It was rumored that they planned to get Joe Biden elected, only to then strip him of his title due to his deteriorating health. Biden has had 2 brain aneurysms, one of which ruptured, he has had deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, and is currently rumored to be suffering dementia. Meanwhile, there is nothing out of the ordinary on Trump’s medical history. The argument has been made that they are both “healthy” but it happens to be obvious who is in better shape to serve. Nonetheless, when the current president can no longer serve, the vice president (Kamala Harris) steps up the claim presidency. The expectations to come with Kamala being appointed was someone “outing” her for not being a natural born United States citizen, stripping her of her title, leaving the Speaker of the House(Nancy Pelosi). If it were to go that far, the entire house and senate would have to agree on the decision to appoint her, which happens to be unlikely due to the amount of republicans in the senate.