Top 3 Best & Worst Thanksgiving Foods

Top 3 Best & Worst Thanksgiving Foods

Kristen Farley, Journalist

While i’m aware that my friend Katie already did an article on “Essential Thanksgiving Foods”, this Thanksgiving foods article is going to be a bit different. Her article mentioned the most important foods to have at your Thanksgiving dinner, and while I do agree with her, I think we also need to clarify what foods SHOULDN’T be, or don’t NEED to be.

There’s just some foods, and you see them every year, that just aren’t necessary. Are you making them for relatives that do like them? Are you making it because grandma always used to? I get it, I understand. But YOU DON’T HAVE TO EAT THIS STUFF!

Ahem. Anyways, today i’m going to be covering my top 3 best and worst Thanksgiving foods!


  1. Brown sugar ham:

I’m well aware that Katie noted ham as an essential Thanksgiving food and she’s completely right! However, I believe brown sugar/honey ham deserves this spot specifically; Not country ham or any of that black forest nonsense;  just the flavor it has causes me to keep coming back for more! (just don’t ask me how many pieces i’ve had because i’ll never tell)


    2. Sweet Potato Casserole: 

Do I even need to explain this one? Sweet potatoes. Marshmallows. Some people actually like to add pecans and i’ve found that it’s really good! Especially if they’re candied! And it’s a child’s favorite! Who can go wrong with sweet potatoes and marshmallows? No one, that’s who!


   3. Sausage Casserole:

 Some people might not consider this a Thanksgiving food. To them I would say: all casseroles are Thanksgiving foods. If a casserole made with green beans and mayo can make it to the Thanksgiving table, why not sausage casserole? Sausage casserole is actually my favorite holiday food besides ham. My sister usually makes one every year. It’s just not a holiday supper without it! It’s also very simple to make!


Honorable mention: Homemade rolls

No, not the frozen rolls you get from Kroger, silly. No disrespect to the people who buy those, though. It just seems to me that homemade rolls are always softer and more buttery, you know?




  1. Green bean casserole:

I know you saw me throw shade toward this dish earlier, and I meant what I said. Who came up with this dish? Why? Just why? It’s green beans and mayo and some other nasty combinations. Who decided this would be a good idea? I don’t see how people even want to eat this, but I guess to each their own. You’ll never catch me at the Thanksgiving table with some green bean casserole on my plate.


    2. Turkey

Sorry to all you turkey lovers out there, but it’s just not it. It tastes like bland chicken. No matter how it’s seasoned i just can’t like it, and some of you out there need to stop pretending you do. Nobody is forcing you to eat the turkey at Thanksgiving, and if they are i’m so so sorry. Ham is just so much better in my opinion, and I mean every kind of ham this time.


   3. Deviled eggs

Something about taking the yolks out of boiled eggs and mashing them together with mayo and mustard or whatever you put in it just doesn’t seem right. In fact, i’ve had to help make deviled eggs before and it gets grosser every time. I guess I can understand this more than green bean casserole, but to be fair, anything that includes mayonnaise is usually a no for me. I can’t stand it and you’ll never make me eat deviled eggs. I’ll never try your deviled eggs at Thanksgiving and that’s a promise.


Honorable mention: Pea salad

This is similar to the reason I don’t like green bean casserole. It’s peas, boiled eggs, and mayonnaise. I think that’s it, but it doesn’t matter. I still hate it either way and you should too.