Fun Things to do This Christmas


Kaitie Lamb

Living in Dyer County we often find ourselves sitting in parking lots with our friends asking: “What should we do ?” 

Here is a list of fun things you and your friends or significant other can do this holiday season 

  1. Go see Christmas lights

There are plenty of local places with nice Christmas lights you can see. 

Discovery Park: A car of 10 can go through the lights for $10. The lights are also synced to music making the experience even better. The lights are open from Nov 13th-Dec 30th.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland: Located at the ballpark in Jackson from Nov 23-Jan 3rd. Cars with 8 passengers or less can go through the music coordinated lights for $25.

Lights of the Delta: Located in Blytheville Arkansas from Nov 23rd-Dec 27th. A car with 12 passengers cost $10. 

  1. Bake Cookies

Cookies are always cheap and can be quick and easy or you can go the extra mile and make them home made. 

  1. Watch Movies 

Starting December 1st ABC will air their 25 days of Christmas which plays all kinds of Christmas movies. Streaming services such as HULU and Netflix are also options for movies. Get matching pajamas and cups of hot chocolate and you just made the perfect night in.

  1. Build Gingerbread Houses 

Gingerbread houses are a fun tradition and always fun to do with a friend. 

  1. Do Christmas Crafts

There is plenty of craft ideas all over the internet to help make your house feel a little more festive. Crafts that would be fun to do include: handprint ornaments, puffball trees, festive wreaths, and DIY towel pillows that have been trending on Tik Tok.