What Your Favorite Childhood Game Says About You!


Kristen Farley, Journalist

 Animal Jam: If you played Animal Jam, you’re super funny, cool, and really into the things you love. If you played this game a lot, you can probably still name at least two “famous” Animal Jam players. You played this game ALL the time and you were always asking for membership cards. I know I was. You wanted to get every new animal that came out as soon as you could, and who can blame you? If this was your favorite game, then you also loved to watch Disney Channel as a kid, and started watching youtubers once you learned what those are. Your favorite soda is either Dr. Pepper or Sprite, and you probably watch a lot of Netflix.


Wizard101: If you played this game, your personality is top-tier. You’re super nice, and probably have a lot of friends, but only few that you’re really close with. You consider your best friends your family, and you could tell them anything. Harry Potter was probably your favorite movie series as a kid. If you weren’t allowed to watch Harry Potter as kid, you loved Wizards of Waverly place and now you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan. Burger King is your least favorite fast food place, but choosing a favorite place to eat is hard for you because you like so many different things. Your style is diverse, but you own several pairs of Converse, Vans, or Doc Martens and you drink way too much Monster for your own good.


Minecraft: If Minecraft was your favorite game to play, then you watched a LOT of minecraft youtubers (along with others) and you definitely remember all their names. Does SkyDoesMinecraft ring a bell? How about CaptainSparklez? TruMu? All your friends also played this game. Maybe you weren’t the funniest in your friend group, but you made up for it by being really good at Just Dance. It’s a proven fact (not really) that if Minecraft was your favorite game, then pizza rolls were your favorite snack. Maybe they still are. You always wanted a creeper jacket and foam weapons from the game. Am I right or am I right? Every time you had a friend over at your house, you guys would play Minecraft. You might’ve played other games, like Halo, but this was the main one you played ALL the time. Your favorite food is/was pizza, and you liked watching Epic Rap Battles of History on Youtube.


Just Dance: After the last one, I couldn’t just leave this game out. Most people who actually LOVED this and it was their favorite game thought they were really good at it until they started to play with other people. Maybe you’ve improved by now, who knows? If Just Dance was your favorite game, you were probably one of the more popular kids in elementary school. You played every song at least once, but you definitely had your favorites. If you’re a girl, your favorite toys as a kid were Barbies and you loved listening to Selena Gomez on Radio Disney. Your favorite Disney show was Shake It Up, but now you either watch The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, or Glee. There’s no in-between; and we all know your favorite place to eat was McDonald’s.


Webkinz: If Webkinz was your favorite game, you are the nicest/sweetest person in your friend group. You had TONS of these stuffed animals, every single one of which you named and still remember their names to this day if by chance you still have them. You always asked for Webkinz for your birthday or Christmas, and also bought them whenever you could. Your favorite arcade games on Webkinz were Wacky Zingoz or Polar Plunge. Your favorite icecream is either Neapolitan or chocolate, and your favorite color was mint green, blue, pink, or purple. You 100% had the fox Webkinz and/or the golden retriever. Chick Fil-A is probably your favorite fast food and you always get their nuggets. You’re also best friends with the Animal Jam kid. 


Moviestar Planet: If your favorite game was Moviestar Planet, then you were the style icon of your elementary school classes, or at least you wanted to be; and you dressed your MSP avatar accordingly. You tried to wear your favorite outfit to school as much as possible. Claire’s was your absolute favorite store, and you definitely had a Taylor Swift phase. Bonus points if you still listen to her music! Your favorite Disney show was either Jessie or Good Luck Charlie. You had/have a lot of friends and you always brought Lunchables for lunch to school. You also prefer strawberry milk over chocolate and you really like pastel colors.