Choctaw Academy

Choctaw Academy

Shea Cox, Journalist, Photographer

This school year has been pretty hectic all around. As we all know, school has changed quite a bit. If you look around, you may not see as many students as you did in the halls last year. This is because of COVID, and all of the negative things that it has brought us. Where is everyone though? Choctaw Academy. 

As we all know, before COVID hit, school was a lot different. Kids would constantly crowd the hallways, lunches would be loud, and the school spirit was out of this world! Now, school is quiet and empty, and no one is excited about school. In result of all of this, over half of our school has transferred to Choctaw Academy. 

If you were also debating on transferring to Choctaw Adamey after Christmas break, I have a few things you may want to take into consideration. After interviewing two students that were previously in Choctaw Acadamey, I decided for myself that I would rather stay in school, and I will tell you why. Students stated that the work online is almost three times as much work as you would normally have in school. The students also stated that the work is twice as hard, and on top on that, you dont have a teacher to turn to for hands – on help. 

In my opinion, the negative outweighs the positive in Choctaw Academy! I would rather be in school than online and have unnecessary work to do.