Will 2021 Be Different?


Gabbie Dew and Kameron Lamprecht

With Christmas being in exactly 11 days and 2020 coming close to an end, the discussion of whether the new year will bring better things is up in the air. These are a few questions and predictions that we have come up with.


The COVID vaccine

We are all tired of hearing about COVID, I know. Your favorite TV show is based around it, it’s brought up in every conversation, you can’t walk out of your house without a mask, the pandemic topic is a part of our every day lives, but question is, will we have to deal with this much longer? A vaccine has already been produced and distributed across the United States, UK, and Canada, but will we have a worldwide vaccine that works in 2021? My prediction is no. Sadly, we will not have a fully effective vaccine by 2021. The flu started in 1918 and a vaccine wasn’t created and fully effective until 1945. Kameron believes we may have one by the end of the year and that they’ll even make the vaccine a requirement like they do with regular shots.


Will We Have A Designated President?

After the election, Joe Biden was declared the president for 2021. However, Trump took Biden to court claiming he had cheated his way through the election. Multiple votes for Trump had been found to be thrown out and not counted during the election and voter fraud has been found. The question now is-will this still be going on in 2021 or will we finally have a designated president? Our prediction is that Donald Trump will still be our president in 2021 because of the court fight between him and Biden. We feel that Trump will not stop pressing about the voter fraud until justice is served on his side.


Will Schools Go Back to Normal?

Schools going back to normal all depends on the state of the pandemic and which schools are in which state. For Dyer County, we think schools will go back to the normal schedule because of the amount of kids failing. We don’t believe that school will be 100% normal again because masks and social distancing will still be put in place, but a normal 5 day-a-week schedule is in our future. (Unless you’re a senior.) We also think Choctaw Academy won’t be a thing anymore because of the amount of kids who struggle with that.



Another prediction is that concerts and events will be going on, but there will be certain requirements when it comes to them. Social distancing will be in place, masks may be required, there may only be a certain amount of tickets being sold instead of selling out arenas.


What do you think will happen in 2021?