Kaitie Lamb

On December 10th, only 5 months after releasing her 8th studio album Folklore, Taylor Swift released a surprise 9th studio album titled ‘Evermore.’  Folklore and Evermore are “sister albums” and both let Taylor swift dive into yet another genre of music which happens to be alternative. 

Her most recent albums hold more of a mature and storytelling aspect than older albums of Swift’s. Characters like Betty, James, and Rebecca get new friends when Swift introduces Dorothea, an old Hollywood actress, and Majorie Finely, Taylor Swift’s grandmother, into her curated world of storytelling. 

Before fans could even digest the album many began coming up with theories of a 3rd sister album to complete the Folklore trilogy. In a hide and seek edition of Taylor swift’s Folklore album fans found white letters that spelled out “Woodvale” which many fans believe to be the third sister album. While these are all speculations many fans believe all the easter eggs point to the third installment of this storytelling series. 

Aside from the third album theory, there are a plethora of other conspiracies fans have come up with. Some include Taylor Swift revealing GiGi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s daughter is named Dorothea. Other conspiracies are that Swift and Joe Alwyn ,her boyfriend of 4 years, are engaged. 

Taylor Swift has been releasing music since 2006 and by the looks of it you can tell she knows what she is doing and how to keep her fans on their toes and wanting more.