Will Christmas 2020 Really Be Christmas?

Will Christmas 2020 Really Be Christmas?

Brooke Wilson, Editor In Chief

Many people, regardless of their religious affiliation, celebrate Christmas, but a big part of the “Christmas Spirit” and celebration is spending time with family and friends. When you sit and think about it, can that really be the case this year?

While some may still decide to have gatherings, ignoring social distancing guidelines, and celebrate together- some may decide to stick to the safe route and just wait till next year, or even just postpone their celebration until case numbers go down. While it may be a sad fact to face, we just need to acknowledge that Christmas just isn’t going to be the same this year!

Although Christmas may not feel the same this year, there is no reason not to relish in the Christmas Joy anyway. You can always group FaceTime with family and have a Virtual Dinner with family!

So despite current circumstances, put up your tree, fill your stocking, put up some lights, put your dog in a sweater, and eat a whole ham yourself!