High school is a big part of everyone’s life. The first day, the last day, and everyday in between. Throughout high school, everyone will change and grow. This journey begins freshman year. 

I remember my first day of high school so clearly: walking into a school full of students, some older than me, some my age. I remember nervously searching for my classes. Throughout my freshman year, I remember all of the great pep rallies, football games, and dances that took place. Freshman year was an experience you only get once in your life. So this story is to the freshman of 2020-2021. 

First off, I want to give you an outlook of what freshman year is supposed to look like: You are supposed to meet new people! You’re supposed to go to football games, make new friends, go to pep rallies, you’re supposed to be a teenager. Instead,you all have had your freshman year experience taken away from you. Instead of meeting new people and touring the school on your first day, you all had to sit in a classroom six-feet-apart while hearing all of the new covid restrictions. 

There are a few things that us seniors would like to tell you about to give you a glimpse into what school was like before covid. First of all, we had a break! It was 15 minutes of your day that you could do whatever you wanted to do! It was everyone’s favorite time of the day. Also, we had a coffee bar! It was awesome. The lunch line had so many options; we even had a nacho bar. Hoco days were the BEST! I could go on and on about the things that the class of 2024 has missed out on.

As a senior, I want to say that I know how you feel. The class of 2021 has had their senior year taken away. This is supposed to be one of the best years of our lives, but instead, it just may be one of the worst. We haven’t had a true senior year. 

The only advice I can leave you all is to make the best of it. Life will constantly throw you things that you aren’t happy with. Just try to look at everything in the most positive way. It’s okay to get upset sometimes, just don’t let it overtake you! Smile your way through! You never know what will change from your freshman year to your senior year. It really does flash before your eyes! You will be a senior faster than you think. So just enjoy what you can of this year, and try to be as positive as you can. We love you guys.