Christmas Bombing in Nashville


Ben Shelton, Sports Writer

Nashville was shaken by a bombing in the downtown area on Christmas morning. An unidentified RV was seen parked on 166 2nd Ave. North with a warning over a loudspeaker. The warning was saying that the RV was going to blow up in a certain amount of minutes. A police officer heard the warning and the officer and colleagues rushed to evacuate everyone from the district. The blast injured eight people and damaged more than 40 buildings. The blast also damaged the AT&T building and damaged the service to AT&T users in regions around Nashville.

The person behind the bombing would soon be identified as Anthony Quinn Warner. He was the only death in the explosion. His neighbor came on TV and said that Warner told him “Nashville will never forget me.” It was later released that Warner was building bombs in his backyard when Police tried to question the man. They had no response when they came to the door one day and did not bother to get a no-knock warrant. The police received backlash for their actions not taken to prevent this from happening. Even though they could’ve prevented it early on, the police officers that saved lives that day were considered heroes.