Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of All Time


Jenna Lowrance and Kristen Farley

Let’s start with the worst, because don’t we always want the bad news first? These movies are so bad, you might pass out just reading about them.

10.) Hubie Halloween:

This is a bad movie, between the plot lines that make no sense, and Adam Sandler voices a character that you can’t understand, you should just never watch this movie. I usually find Adam Sandler very funny, but this movie was annoying and confusing.

9.) Ratatoing:

I know you’ve probably never heard of this movie, but this is a low budget, horrible version of Ratatouille. In this movie you can see bad animation, bad voice acting, and a horrible plot. This movie truly does have it all, and with a solid score of 28% on rotten tomatoes, we think it’s safe to say that this is a terrible movie.

8.) Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a good movie, Peter Pan is a family movie, Peter Pan is a classic. So why is it on this list? This movie makes our list of bad movies solely based on how the Native Americans were portrayed. This movie worked off of stereotypes, and since it came out when it did we can’t really blame it, but we agree that while this movie is wholesome overall, the racism is prominent.

7.) Fantastic Mr. Fox:

Fantastic Mr. Fox: This 2009 movie has a score of 93% on Rotten tomatoes, and we have no idea how. Besides the fact that the animation is absolutely terrifying, nothing really happens in this movie. It’s insanely boring and all in all, just not a good watch.

6.) Gooby:

 I know what you’re thinking, I’ve never heard of this movie. You’re lucky. NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE. This movie is supposed to be a heartwarming story about a boy bonding with his childhood teddy bear when it comes to life to help him with his problems. Seems sweet enough, right? Wrong! This movie would’ve been amazing except for the fact that the acting is terrible, the animation is insane, and the teddy bear/man/monster thing is absolutely terrifying. That thing on the cover of this story? Yeah, that’s Gooby!

5.) The Babadook:

The Babadook makes this list because, despite the fact that it may have a good rating on rotten tomatoes, it’s just not a good movie. I wanted to like this one, I really did. It’s supposed to be a horror movie, but there’s no scary parts in the movie at all. As a horror movie, it makes no sense. (Spoiler) At one point the mom is possessed by The Babadook, but then she ends up keeping it as a pet at the end of the movie. I’m not sure that’s what I’d do if I had a monster in my home.

4.) Pocahontas & Pocahontas 2:

I know putting this/these movie(s) on our worst list may be surprising to some of you, because these are movies that we all grew up watching. When you’re little, you don’t really understand certain things, and these movies are one of them. I’m sure you’re all aware that Pocahontas was an actual person, a native american girl.. In the movie, it shows her as 19 years old, when in real life, she was actually 11 or 13 when she met John Rolfe (aka John Smith). In the second movie, she rescues Smith, when in reality, the real Pocahontas had already died of some unknown illness. Despite being HORRIBLY historically inaccurate, the movie leads you to believe that Smith only wants what’s best for Pocahontas, when really, he’s only thinking about the white men.

3.) Sextuplets:

From the bad acting to the horrible casting decisions, this movie is terrible in almost every way. I found this movie by scrolling through Netflix randomly. The bio on the movie said it was about “…an expectant father discovers he has five siblings he’s never met before, he decides to reconcile and meet his long lost family before his baby is born.” I thought that sounded like a good movie, so I watched it. The first issue I came across in this movie was the horrible acting. I have never been a fan of Marlon Wayans, and he plays the main character…s. He plays the main characters. They casted this man to play every single one of his siblings… EVEN THE SISTER. Sometimes this can be a good casting strategy, like in Madea, but I’ll tell you when it’s not a good strategy, when the acting is too over the top, when the characters are completely unbelievable, and when the main actor is Marlon Wayans.

2.) That’s My Boy:

We chose this movie because.. Well, if you’ve seen the movie, then it’s obvious why, but if you haven’t then I’ll explain it to you. The movie is literally about a man who had a baby with his 22 year old teacher at 14 years old…. If that’s not bad enough, the entire movie doesn’t even make sense. I guess it’s supposed to be about the father and son being able to bond, but then the dad is best friends with Vanilla Ice?? The movie overall is disgusting in itself and definitely not school appropriate. We can safely say that this is NOT one of Adam Sandler’s better movies.

1.) Cuties:

What can I say about this movie except that it’s absolutely disgusting. This movie objectifies little girls, that should be enough to put you off this movie entirely, and if it isn’t then you’re a terrible person. This movie promotes the erotitization of literal children. People have tried to back this movie by saying that it’s good that this movie makes you uncomfortable because that’s what it was made for, but there is no reason that making this could possibly be okay. This movie feeds into the sick fantasies of pedophiles, and anyone who thinks that this movie is good is a literal pedophile and needs to go to therapy if not prison.


Now… What you’ve all been waiting for… The top 10 BEST movies of all time!

10.) Ma:

Ma is about a woman who was bullied throughout high school. When her former bullies’ children come to her to buy them alcohol, she sees her chance for revenge, and takes it. As Ma spirals into a dangerous loop of revenge and torture we see her backstory unfold to reveal the horrible things she had to experience through her high school career at the hands of her bullies.

9.) Ridiculous 6:

 As said in the title, this movie is absolutely ridiculous. Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schnider, Luke Wilson, and Jorge Garcia play a band of brothers that have to save their father from a band of outlaws that want his money. 82% of people that watched this movie enjoyed it, and we definitely did too.

8.)Identity Thief:

If you love Melissa McCarthy (who doesn’t?), then you’ll love this movie. If you’ve already seen it, then it’s pretty obvious why we included this movie on our list. This movie is absolutely hilarious, but maintains a good story as well. It’s about a man named Sandy who gets his identity stolen, goes to confront the thief, and then the two get into all sorts of trouble together. Sandy is trying his best to bring the woman back with him so she can be arrested and all his debt can be cleared, but then he finds out why she’s doing what she does…

7.) Heathers:

We consider Heathers to be one of the best, because it’s honestly just a really cool film. It was made in 1988 and stars Winona Ryder (better known as Joyce Byers in Stranger Things). The movie is about a teen girl, Veronica who hangs out with the popular girls at school, aka the “Heathers”. She pretty much goes along with whatever they do at first even though they’re bullies, but eventually she gets tired of it all, splits from them, and finds someone who peaks her interest. I can’t give too much away just incase people haven’t seen the movie, but I can say that this one is definitely worth watching.

6.) National Treasure:

What can we say? This movie is a classic if you’re looking for hilarity and action. Ben Gates, played by Nicolas Cage, is a treasure hunter/ explorer and a conspiracy theorist. Throughout this movie we watch as Ben and his friends Abigail Chase and Riley Poole uncover many secrets and ad treasures lost in history, all while evading the government. Watching this movie made me feel like I wanted to be like him when I grew up, or even just write a book like it. I have yet to do either of those things, but when I do, I might let you know.

5.) Knives Out:

Knives Out is a great movie, all the characters are likeable and relatable, the plot is easy to follow, and the mystery will keep you guessing until the end. In this movie an old man is murdered and the family has to split up their inheritance, but it’s apparent that someone in the family was the one to kill the old man. So who was it? As soon as you think you know what happened, a new fact will be brought forth and you’ll be very wrong. This movie is amazing, and it doesn’t hurt that the character Ransom Drysdale, played by Chris Evans, is very attractive.

4.) The Green Mile:

The Green Mile: The Green Mile makes our “best” list because not only does it have a good storyline that will keep you interested, but it can also be a tear-jerker. The movie in itself is very original. It’s about an innocent man that’s on death row for something he didn’t do. The twist? He’s actually a miracle of God that can heal people. After the guards learn this, they’re unsure what to do about the innocent man being on the green mile.

3.) Spy:

Spy is a movie about a woman named Susan Cooper who has always wanted to be a field agent. When her partner, Bradley Fine is killed in action she finally gets her chance. After a few hiccups she finally meets the woman that killed him, and she knows that she has to avenge her partner.

2.) Titanic, the legend goes on:

This movie is a masterpiece of different Disney films (but changed a bit so there are no copyright issues), hilarious writing, funny plot holes, and a dog that sings for way too long. So how did it make the good list? Because while it probably wasn’t meant to be comedy gold, it definitely turned out that way. The comedic timing is on point, the characters are lovable, and you never really get enough of the full picture to be totally confused. This movie may leave you with questions, but it will also leave you laughing.

1.) The King of Staten Island:

The King of Staten Island is an autobiography of sorts about Pete Davidson,or Scott, who, in the wake of his sister’s leaving for college and his mother getting a new boyfriend, doesn’t really know what to do with his life. He makes a lot of mistakes, like robbing a bank and giving a child a tattoo, but he has to find a way to right his wrongs and find himself along the way. This movie has a star studded cast, headlining Pete Davidson (who co-wrote the movie with director Judd Apatow), Moisés Arias, Steve Buscemi, and Colson Baker (better known as Machine Gun Kelly). This is an all around great movie with a great cast, great writing, and great acting. If you’re looking for a funny movie with a meaningful story, this is for you.


So, there you have it, the top 10 best and worst of movies of all time according to us.