Tips For Upcoming Seniors


Kameron Lamprecht, Journalist

Becoming a senior can pretty scary but I have some tips to help you. Being a senior means you have a lot of responsibility. It is the most important year of high school. It is the one that counts the most.

Firstly, As a senior you need to learn to manage your time. If you’re working it can be hard to manage school work and your work schedule so find times to fit in your studying and homework you need for your classes. Your school work should come first before anything because that is what is going to get you into a good college. If you are struggling to get things done, go to your teacher and ask them if you can get more time. Teachers will most likely give it to you because you went to them for help.

Secondly, as a senior you have to start thinking about college and where you want to go and what you want to do for the rest of your life. This can seem intimidating at first. If your school has a guidance counselor go to them for help! They are so willing to help with any questions you have! Also, start applying! It helps to apply to multiple schools in case you don’t get into the one you want and also helps to keep your options open.

Lastly, keep up with important dates. Through out your senior year you will encounter multiple special events. This is your last year of high school and so it will be all about you. Grab a calendar or set reminders in your phone for these dates and keep up with them! You will want to enjoy these things before it is too late.

Your senior year will most likely be your most challenging year but it will also be your best year. Go out and have fun. Spend as much time with your friends as you can. Stay focused on your school work and stay on top of school events and college material. But most importantly, enjoy it!