Should we wear two masks?


Noah Larson, Journalist

Should we wear two masks?


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There has been a question that has risen since Dr. Fauci went on the Today show. This question is should people wear two masks when they go to public places. The statement that came from Dr. Fauci when he talked about wearing two masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, it would bring controversy with it. People would wonder should we actually wear two masks, and even though many people say that it will help some think that it is a little overkill.

Dr. Fauci would say that having a layer on top of another layer would be common sense when coming to preventing the spread of the pandemic that has taken over the world. At the Inauguration, there were people that wore a surgical mask under a cloth mask, and according to Dr. Fauci and other researchers if you do this it would provide maximum protection. The reason for this is because the surgical mask would act as a filter and the cloth mask would give the person a better fit. The reason that they would want to have another mask is that they believe that if a person’s mask did not fit right if they had another one it would get the spots that the first mask did not cover. There have been studies shown that say 50% to 70% of respiratory particles would be blocked by these two masks.

Then on the other side of the spectrum, there are people that believe that wearing two masks is a complete waste of time. For some people, it is hard to breathe in one mask so if you had two it would be even harder for someone to breathe. With this also comes the fact that most people believe that it is overkill to have to mask on over another mask.

When people hear about the two masks talk they will have to decide for themselves if they believe that we should wear two of them.