What Does Your Favorite Vine Say About You?


Kristen Farley and Gabbie Dew


Roses are red, bees like to buzz : boottoobig

Road Work Ahead – You’re basic and you’re not as funny as you think you are 


When life gives you lemons" vine - YouTube

When Life Gives You Lemons – You’re probably someone’s dad, or you think dad jokes are hilarious.


Baby, It's Cold Outside [Vine] - YouTube

Baby It’s Cold Outside – You have a childish sense of humor and you still watch Disney channel.


Michael With a B Vine | Vine videos, True memes, Funny memes

Michael With a B – You have social anxiety and you’re highly afraid of insects 


Can I get a waffle? *Fighting noises* CAN I PLEASE GET A WAFFLE? | Vine memes, Best memes, Can i please

Can I Get a Waffle? –  You’re really into drama even though you’re never a part of it, and you still think IHop is top-tier cuisine.


The Foggy Jew on Twitter: "All the rich, old white men insulting/threatening Greta Thunberg are literally just this guy… "

A Child-no – You were a youtube kid in middle school and you don’t like children 


Fresh Avocado (@freshavocado_) | Twitter

Fr e Sh a vaca do – You’re probably a mom and this is the only vine you know, or you still think outdated memes are funny 


What about nascar vine - YouTube

What about Nascar? – you like anti jokes and you’re the funniest in your friend group 



Honey, You've Got a Big Storm Coming | Information Stockpile

Honey, You Got A Big Storm Comin – You’re a pretty random person, you quote this vine a lot, and you’re probably on deep tiktok



Fergalicious Vine - YouTube

Corgi Screams to Fergilicious – you’re probably loud and random and you’re definitely an extrovert 



Second Life Marketplace - //XyLa// Vine Roommates Gestures, 2 Gestures

They Were Roommates – You’re friends with the “road work ahead” person, but the difference is, you’re actually funny. And you prefer boneless wings over bone-in. 




America, Explain – You’re really funny and probably really nice, and you’re the person that’s laughing at a joke 10 minutes after it’s over. 


LeBron James" Kid | Know Your Meme

Lebron James – You thought the 9+10 vine was funny and you’re probably annoying



Watch iJay_Be3♚☥'s Vine, "I want a church girl that go to church #readyourbible"

I Want A Church Girl – Your mom or grandma either forced you to go to church as a kid or you’re Christian and probably work at Chick Fil A.

I love you dog - vine - YouTube

I LOVE YOU, DOG!! – You’re a chaotic neutral who’s passionate with very strong opinions. If you aren’t either an activist or someone who had an emo/alternative phase we’d be very surprised.



Image result for look at this graph vine

Look At This Graph – You make jokes in serious situations and you like puns. You’re also probably a math teacher.



Image result for im a giraffe vine

I’m A Giraffe!! – You’re a chaotic good and your family is from Minnesota (or some other Northern state where it snows a lot).



Image result for you better watch out vine

You Better Watch Out, You Better Watch Out… – You’re that person that laughs during horror movies and you had an emo phase in middle school. You either listen to grunge or K-pop now.



Image result for hey ron hey billy vine

Hey Billy – You think real life situations are funnier than made-up jokes; you’re related to an electrician or construction worker. You also love Cracker Barrel.



Image result for why dont we just relax and turn on the radio vine

Why Don’t We Just Relax and Turn on the Radio? – You watched Disney a lot as a kid and you get irritated easily. You’ve also had a dog named Snowball or Bella at some point.



Image result for judas no vine

Judas, No – You watched soap operas with your mom or grandma as a kid and liked them (even though you never understood what was happening).



Image result for this is the dollar store vine

This is the Dollar Store, How Good Can it Be? – You have a good relationship with your dad and he barbeques on the weekend. He’s also one of the “cool” dads and wears New Balance.



Image result for actually megan vine

Actually, Megan – You watched Mean Girls and Legally Blonde religiously as a child and you looked up to Sharpay from High School Musical. You liked ICarly and Victorious equally, and your favorite episode was the crossover.



Image result for hurricane katrina vine

More Like Hurricane Tortilla – You had a Dan & Phil phase, and now you can’t live without Tik Tok. 



Image result for blockin out the haters vine

I’m Just Blockin Out the Haters –  You’re a goofy person and you try not to care what people think about you. You had a Minecraft phase in middle school and you probably watched PewDiePie



Image result for big time rush vine

Idk Why You In A Big Time Rush – You were obsessed with Big Time Rush when they were popular. After that, you had a One Direction phase and were devastated when when Zayne left. We don’t make the rules.


Image result for zack stop vine

Zack, Stop –  You’re the mom friend who tries to keep their other friends from making bad decisions. It doesn’t always work… so you bake cookies and light a Bath & Body Works candle to take the stress away. You still love your friends though.