Why Seniors Should Be Allowed To Have More Than Four People At Graduation

Why Seniors Should Be Allowed To Have More Than Four People At Graduation

Kameron Lamprecht, Journalist

As everyone knows, in 2020 COVID-19 took a toll on everyone’s day to day activities. Everyone was told to stay away from each other or stand 6 feet away from each other. Many specials events were canceled or limited to the amount of people that could attend.

Graduation just so happened to be one of the events that was limited to the amount of people that could watch their senior graduate. Graduation is a once in a lifetime thing. Each senior should feel proud of them self and have the same support the seniors that graduated before did. In Dyer County High School’s 2020 graduation, the seniors were limited to 4 people that could attend the ceremony. To the senior this can seem unfair.

This limitation meant they had to pick 4 people that could watch them graduate. This meant other friends and family members would be upset because they couldn’t watch their senior on their big day. Graduation is already a big and intense day for seniors so making them have to pick 4 people out of a whole family can be even more intense and unfair.

Because of COVID-19, people are to stay 6 feet apart from each other but if it is a family then they are already around each other almost everyday. As a senior myself, I feel that more family members should be able to attend as long as the families are kept separate from other families. If one person in the household has COVID then it is likely that all members will get the disease and they have no choice but to be around each other everyday. If other families are kept away from each other then they have a less likely chance of getting the illness.

Graduation is a huge day for a senior and they deserve all the encouragement and support they can get once that day comes. There shouldn’t be a limit on how many people can attend.