Casey Anthony: The Woman Who Got Away With Murder?


Kristen Farley, Editor In Chief

If you haven’t heard of the Casey Anthony case, consider this your chance to. Much like the West Memphis Three case that my friend Gabbie and I touched on a couple weeks ago, this case is one with an outcome that makes me incredibly angry. You’ll soon understand why.

The entire case spans from Jun 15, 2008 to Dec 11, 2008, from the death of Casey’s three year old daughter Caylee, to the actual trial and verdict.

So, let’s start at the beginning. As a teen, Casey Anthony was not at all what you’d call a star student, or child for that matter. She’d hide things from her parents and lie constantly. Of course, to you, this may sound like “typical teenage behavior”, or something that most kids do. It really isn’t if you look closer at it. Casey would go as far as to lie about small things that didn’t even matter, like eating leftovers in the fridge. 

Casey’s parents didn’t even really know that much about her, because she wouldn’t tell them anything. In fact, when it came time for her to graduate high school, her parents kept asking her when graduation was, but Casey wouldn’t tell them. Her parents ended up having to call the school, only to find out that she wouldn’t be able to graduate due to how many classes she was failing. Her parents never knew her grades were so bad, because again, Casey refused to tell them anything. The worst part? Casey allowed her parents to throw her a graduation party before they knew she wouldn’t even be graduating. So, Casey Anthony ended up dropping out of high school to get a job at the Hard Rock Cafe.

At this time, she was still living at home with her parents. Everything seems to be going well: Casey seems to be enjoying her job… until one day, when Casey learns that she’s pregnant. As per usual, she decides not to tell her parents a thing… until she’s 7 months pregnant and can no longer hide the unmistakable baby bump. Her parents are shocked, maybe even upset that Casey didn’t tell them she was pregnant; but no one was as upset as Casey’s brother. Why? Even though Casey’s parents learned of her pregnancy when she was 7 months along, for whatever reason, they decided to keep it a secret from Casey’s brother until the day of or the day before she was supposed to give birth. Some sources say that the reason Casey’s brother was so upset is because they were supposedly very close, and he was hurt and couldn’t understand why Casey wouldn’t tell him about something like this.

Some time after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl that she decides to name Caylee Marie Anthony, Casey pretty much becomes the world’s most irresponsible mother. She lets everyone else take care of her baby, while she goes out and parties all the time. At some point, she tells her parents she needs to go on a business trip for her job Universal Studios. So, her parents allow her to borrow the car and she packs her things along with Caylee, and heads off. Casey ends up staying gone for over a month. Of course, she stays out partying all the time. When asked about where Caylee is, Casey tells her parents that she’s with a nanny named Xanavia, who she nicknames “Xanny the nanny”. 

Casey ends up running out of gas somewhere, and instead of spending the money on a tow truck to come pick up the car, she decides to leave it in a parking lot and walk.

As you can probably have guessed, Xanny the nanny never existed, but we’ll get to that 

After some time, Casey’s parents get a call from the business that their car was parked at, saying that the car had been there for quite a long time and needed to be moved. Casey’s parents were furious, and had to pay for a tow truck. Upon reaching the lot and investigating the car, Casey’s father noted that not only was the car incredibly messy, but held the stench of death. Despite this, he doesn’t investigate the smell any further. Casey’s mother, however, later decides to check the trunk and *surprise**surprise* finds a trash bag with something in it. Instead of looking inside, Casey’s mother throws the bag away.

At some point, Casey’s parents, especially her mother, begin to get worried. Mind you, Casey is home with her parents at this point. So, obviously her parents want to know where Caylee, their granddaughter is. Casey once again tells them that she’s with “Xanny the nanny”, but this time she tells them that “Xanny” took Caylee and told Casey that she wouldn’t be getting her daughter back. This sends Casey’s parents into a panic, and Casey’s mother calls the police, tells them a woman has kidnapped her granddaughter. All the while, Casey is sitting there unconcerned, almost annoyed that her mother is so worried about Caylee. Casey’s mother calls the police again, telling them that Casey needs to be arrested for stealing their car which now smells of death.

This is the part where things start to take a turn for the worst. After the police are called, Casey is arrested, stays in jail for some period of time, but her bail ends up being paid, so she thinks she’s off the hook, right? Wrong. The police are called again by a man who spots a human skull by a dumpster. Apparently he had called a couple times before, but nothing had come of it. This time, an officer was sent to check it out; and sure enough, it was a human skull… the skull of a toddler. After finding more bones in another trash bag, the bones are tested and found out to be the remains of Caylee Anthony.

Casey is arrested again. This time, she’s questioned by the police. They find out she’s been lying to them about working at Universal Studios. She did work there at one time, but she was fired long before she ever told her parents she needed to go on a “business trip”. They also find out, that “Xanny the nanny” doesn’t exist when Casey describes her but can’t pick her out of a lineup. She’s then charged with lying to police and impeding an investigation. Upon another search of the car, the police discover a stain in the trunk; a stain that had to be left by a decomposing body.

At this point, Casey’s father is sure that she is responsible for Caylee’s death. Casey’s mother has been suspicious, but begins taking up for her daughter, and for what? It’s not like Casey has done anything to help her; but that’s not important.

It’s very clear that Casey was either responsible for Caylee’s death, or knew she was dead and didn’t care. When Casey’s lying is brought up in court, she does the unthinkable. She turns against her father. She claims that she was taught to lie at a young age because her father used to… put her in situations that he didn’t want anyone else to know about. I can’t actually say what she said but i’m sure you can guess. This was also clearly a lie, but Casey’s mother chose to believe it which drove her parents apart. 

Casey’s father had his own theory, though. Casey was out partying all the time, right? She claimed to have a babysitter named “Xanny the nanny” that would watch her daughter, right? Well, Casey’s father thought that there was a good chance that “Xanny the nanny” was actually Casey giving Caylee xanax to knock her out in order to give Casey time to go out and party. This would certainly make sense, because if she didn’t actually have a babysitter, where was Casey leaving Caylee? And why would she lie about it? This was never proven nor confirmed, though.

Now comes the sad part.  The jury finally reaches a verdict….


Casey Anthony was found innocent.

My question is, how? What could possibly drive people to believe she had nothing to do with her daughter’s death? Why isn’t anyone in jail for the murder of three year old Caylee Anthony? Why would anyone believe Casey Anthony after she was not only proven to be a known liar, but lied to POLICE??

This case really upsets me, because In my opinion, Casey Anthony got away with murder. Was it an accident? Maybe, but she’s still responsible for her own child’s death and deserves to pay for what she’s done. Poor Caylee did not get justice that day. My only hope is that one day, things like this won’t happen anymore, and people will get the prison time they deserve. What kind of a monster could care so little about their own child?