New Places in Dyersburg


Kaitie Lamb

New Places in Dyersburg


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For as long as I can remember, living in Dyer County has been pretty boring, to say the least. When hanging out with friends there are a handful of places to eat and very few places to actually go. Because of this dilemma, many friend groups choose to either hang out at the park, sonic or a parking lot. To do any shopping you have to leave Dyer County which takes money from the community.

As of recently, there have been many more shopping centers being built as well as fast-food restaurants. 

One of the most anticipated projects in Dyer county is the ‘Dyersburg Commons.’ This center includes many places that people would go to Jackson for. The stores in the commons will be as follows: Hobby Lobby (already open), Petsense (already open), Five Below, Rack Room Shoes, Marshalls, Old Navy, Ulta, and Aspen Dental. Local businesses and stores that are currently in the mall are expected to move over as well. The Mustard Seed and Bath and Body Works will soon be located in the commons.

For Food, Jack’s is currently in the process of being built and will be in front of the commons. A bubble tea place called ‘Crazy Straw’ is also in the process of being built and will be located in Parker Plaza.

Everyone knows there are very few places to go for entertainment in Dyer County. As of January Dyersburg has had an Axe throwing place located in Olympic Plaza, right beside China Star. The prices are $20 per person per hour.