Happy Anniversary, COVID!


Shea Cox, Journalist

We all remember Spring Break of 2020: Everyone was so excited to get two extra weeks of their Spring Break, little did they know they would not come back for months on end due to COVID-19. The senior class of 2020 was devastated. They lost their last pep rally, their senior picnic, their senior prom, and even their graduation wasn’t what they dreamed of. Now, it is March of 2021, and Spring Break is right around the corner. 

With Spring Break being next week, seniors of 2021 are overwhelmed with anxiety. “What if we dont come back?”, students ask. This Spring Break will mark 1 full year that COVID has been around. All students are afraid our senior year will be cut short, just like the class of 2020. 

The only difference between the class of 2020 and the class of 2021 is that this year’s senior class has not had a proper senior year. They never got to sit in the senior section of a pep rally, they never got to tour colleges, and there are so many other things they have missed out on. Last year’s seniors had it good compared to the class of 2021. Seniors of 2021 have been robbed of their senior year. Many students say their senior year has been the worst year of their entire high school, when in reality, it was supposed to be the best. 

Now arises the big question, “Will we come back from Spring Break this year? Or will it be just like last year”? Considering the many states that have dropped their COVID guidelines, it is assumed that we will be back from Spring Break. Students hope that Tennessee will soon drop their COVID restrictions, so that seniors have a chance at having a real senior year. Or at least what is left of it.