Why making your own jewelry is a good idea


Jenna Lowrance, Journalist

All my life everyone I know, including myself, have bought their jewelry from many different stores. Examples of the stores I would normally shop from would be Claire’s, Walmart, Cato, and even Maurice’s. I ran into issues such as bracelets and necklaces being too large and purses not having pockets on the inside. When I learned how to make my own accessories, it changed everything.

One issue I’ve run into constantly is finding a beautiful necklace, but the pendant is the wrong color, or the necklace is too long, or the bracelet is too tight. Making my own accessories has given me the freedom to make necklaces and bracelets any size. You can make them longer by adding more jump rings, or make them shorter by using pliers to remove the excess rings. If a pendant needs to be a certain color to match an outfit, making it would be a good way to ensure that you have exactly what you need. Making your own accessories can help create extra space in your purse or you could even dye your shoes or paint your shirt, making them one of a kind. This is a good outlet for your creativity and a way to outwardly express yourself.

I will admit when you first start buying all the materials it can be a little pricier than just buying a necklace. When I bought all the materials to make my first purse, it cost well over forty dollars. The good thing about that is the fact that most of the materials like needles, thread, scissors, pliers, jump rings, buttons, and ribbon are not single use items. You get many uses out of them. Another pro of making your own accessories is that you don’t have to worry about the ethics of the companies you buy from. If you’re like me, you don’t want to support companies like SHEIN, Dollskill, or H&M. SHEIN and H&M have been known to use child labor while Dollskill made extremely insensitive and racist comments involving the Black Lives Matter movement and steal designs from smaller businesses.

Learning the skill of making accessories can open up opportunities to make money. There are many examples of people that have followed their creative passions and opened an Etsy shop to sell their beloved creations. Some people make artistic resin keychains that double as self defense weapons. Others, like me, make purses and pendants or customize shoes. When adding up all the things that you’ve bought to make the accessories, they could still be sold for a relatively reasonable price.

` In conclusion, while starting off the process of making your own jewelry can be expensive, it can also be fun, interesting, and a good way to make some extra money. Making accessories ethically is important, and a skill that has many freedoms to offer.