Vaccinations for Dyer County


Kaitie Lamb

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccine has been a major topic. In December of 2020, we gained 2 covid vaccinations. Pfizer and Moderna are both 2 dose vaccinations that have a 95% efficacy rate. Both vaccines also are made using mRNA, which delivers a bit of the covid genetic code to our cell. In February of 2021, Johnson and Johnson rolled out a new vaccine that can be delivered in a single dose. This new vaccine uses adenovirus to trigger an immune response in our bodies. Johnson and Johnson has an efficacy rate of 66% but it is hard to compare these efficacy rates because of the differences in phase rates.

Because of how scarce these new vaccines were, doses were given in phases. The elderly and those with comorbidities had the right to the vaccination first. There were waitlists made to make sure those who needed it got it. Many states are beginning to open up their vaccinations to anyone over 16. Others are opening more slowly and letting those 30 or older get a vaccination.

There are many concerns regarding children getting the Covid-19 vaccinations. Some concerns are regarding a 16-year-old who gets the vaccinations fertility. Although there is no evidence for the vaccination affecting fertility, each person wanting to get a vaccination should do their own research and decide what they are comfortable with.

On March 23, Mayor Chris Young announced that all limitations had been lifted on all 3 of the Covid-19 vaccinations. Anyone 16 or older can receive their vaccination if they would like. The health department is welcoming walk-ins or schedules for the vaccinations. Gov. Bill Lee states that all Tennesseans 16 and older will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccinations no later than April 5th.