LaMarcus Aldridge Retires From NBA Due to Irregular Heartbeat

This morning, Brooklyn Nets forward LaMarcus Aldridge announced his retirement from the NBA after 13 seasons. This abrupt announcement came after what Aldridge called “one of the scariest things” he has ever faced. After last night’s game, his condition got worse and he was taken to the hospital. He then decided it was best for his health to step back from the sport. In his retirement letter, he thanked each of his former teams. He first showed his gratitude to Portland for giving him a chance by drafting him. He then thanked the Spurs for allowing him to grow as a player. Lastly, he apologized to the Brooklyn Nets fans for not being able to follow through with the vision this year’s team had. Aldridge was averaging almost 13 points in 25 minutes this season.